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WARNING: Use only as directed, if symptoms persist consult your Healthcare Professional



"In 1943 I was serving in the R.A.N. My ship was torpedoed by the Japanese, in the rush to get to the upper Deck I was knocked off a steel Ladder and fell 6 feet to the Deck landing on my shoulder and head, I shattered two vertebrae and as years passed I developed severe arthritis, I couldn't sleep for severe pain up both sides of my neck, I tried everything & eventually bought some SA Shark Cartilage. It has enabled me to live a near normal life having 90% turning capacity of my head where as before I had practically no movement at all and the pain has gone. Thank you Shark Cartilage!"

Mr M.L. Marker, West Lakes SA , 23/09/04

South Australian Shark Cartilage is 100% Australian made and owned