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What is Ocean Cleaning?

South Australian Shark Cartilage produces a premium grade shark cartilage powder by using a naturally occurring concentration of sea lice to remove residual flesh prior to processing. This unusual and unique all-natural cleaning process is called Ocean Cleaning.

Ocean Cleaning is performed off the coastal areas of Port Lincoln. During this stage the sea lice, many of which are microscopic, remove remaining flesh resulting in a clean, polished product.

Premium grade Shark Cartilage
(Medicine Listed since 1998)

The sea lice provide an all-natural alternative to chemical cleaning and no shark flesh is transformed into powder. South Australian Shark Cartilage uses only completely clean shark cartilage. South Australian Shark Cartilage is ground to a superfine powder to assist a rapid absorption level, for human consumption.

Environmental Ethics and Clean Green Company

All Raw Shark Cartilage purchased by South Australian Shark Cartilage is sourced from existing commercial Shark fishing only, which is harvested primarily for human consumption (Flake or Shark).

Sharks are not targeted for the production of shark cartilage products. Shark cartilage is collected as a natural by-product of sharks harvested for food. Before the benefits of shark cartilage were widely known the cartilage was largely disposed of as a waste product.

South Australian Shark Cartilage source their bi-product (raw cartilage) from highly reputable Australian Shark Fisherman who fish from the cleanest waters in the world (the Southern Ocean) with the Antarctica as the nearest land mass, these waters are described as being the cleanest fishing grounds in the world.

Its Ocean Cleaned Feature

Our ocean clean method is a natural production process that is unmatched by its level of purity. No sharks are targeted directly for the creation of these products.

South Australian Shark Cartilage is 100% Australian made and owned